Why something is happening that Marx and Trotsky could dreams now?

Oleg Rudenok
6 min readJul 20



The construction of communism as a society of equal opportunities, devoid of the problem of distribution of wealth, having as a priority the provision of sufficient resources for all people to reveal their own potential, captured the minds of scientists at the very beginning of the 20th century. In Europe, it was a time of severe shocks and losses, humanity faced challenges of unprecedented proportions. And the whole century was filled with terrible events, which, nevertheless, were accompanied by the rapid development of technology, industrial growth and the transition to an information society.


The information society has significantly transformed public consciousness. The availability of knowledge in the 21st century has made people much more enlightened and mobile, but less creative and patient. The terminology of class structure and class struggle in society is certainly outdated. The bourgeois class was replaced by a rather marginal colonial class, and the proletarian and peasantry were replaced by simply able-bodied population. Both now exist under the strict dictates of the state-financial oligarchy, which has largely usurped power in countries all over the planet.

The events of the last decade prove that there are virtually no representative democracies in the world, if they existed somewhere. The ruling class has become a problem for the world. Trying to survive, using dominance as the main evolutionary tool, he created opposition to himself on a global scale. Using its influence, the ruling class purposefully takes away the vital resources of the able-bodied population, preventing for normal life.


National governments are not so much involved in various regional conflicts as they themselves are interested in their spread. In fact, now, at the moment, a world hybrid war is taking place, not only between states, but between the ruling class and the rest of the world. And the peak of the intensity of this war is so great that the domination of the ruling class is already a convention. The ruling class is turning into a dying one and its symbol is a self-propelled, zombie-like Joe Biden. This decrepit corrupt official personifies a decrepit political and media oligarchy, behind which stands a financial cluster mired in debt, which no longer knows where to find growth points for self.

The military-industrial complex is their last hope, but it will not come true, the war will not pull out either the US economy or statehood in a positive way. These people suffered mental and ethical degradation. Unlimited power and corruption, brought to the absolute, made statehood in the United States and European countries incompetent. We regularly observe the theater, the performances of which serve only as advertising in the next election cycle, and the population of these countries is already tired of choosing someone from these incompetent people.


And we are witnessing a typical revolutionary situation, when “the top can no longer, and the bottom no longer wants,” and globally. Half of the world’s population lives in a highly precarious situation without realizing whether they are embroiled in a war or not. People are dissatisfied with their position, but they have no instruments of influence. In socially active countries this translates into organized protests, in others into flight and passivity. There is an economically unjustified migration of the population. And this cannot go on for long.

Even Trotsky could not dream of such a thing. It turns out that social transformations on a global scale are somehow conditioned by the totality of mutual crises of the entire ruling class. And although the collapse of the USSR was a step backwards in the revolutionary movement, the growing role of modern Russia in the world confirms the forecast about the onset of a revolutionary moment of a permanent nature. And the hypothesis is confirmed that the creation of socialism in individual countries does not bring the world as a whole closer to a new revolution.


The whole world had to grow up to global assessments of the need for qualitative transformation, using individual countries as test sites, and maintain relative stability until the development of intellectual methods of social world order and development. People are still stupid enough to organize themselves and are somewhat subject to the desire for infantile entertainment. But severe crises will have a sobering effect on the population. Deprived of their income and entertainment, the representatives of the marginal class (formerly the dominant one) will be very nervous when the masses of people will stop spending their resources on them.


Using the global communications media set up to raise money from a propaganda befuddled populace, a sober populace will circulate calls to stop funding this farce. This is seen as a special role of social media. And I am one of those who urges not to give money to those who spend it on the war or the promotion of the war in whatever country they are. I urge you not to contribute to hostilities in any form, no matter how victorious or this war did not seem fair to you. After the cessation of hostilities, the horror of the losses suffered will be revealed, and many of the “heroes” may turn out to be soulless mass murderers. After such words, I feel like some kind of left-wing socialist, but no. Politics is generally alien to me, I consider the manipulation of public opinion, lies and suppression to be the most disgusting activities. And since it is unlikely that anyone will read this far, I am not afraid that I will face some kind of punishment for what I have said.


I don’t take to the streets, I don’t campaign for someone, I don’t try to slander someone. The actions of each person are already a sufficient demonstration of his merits and demerits. There is nothing to add to this. I just want to draw attention to the situation. And it has become very dangerous in the world. Take care of your loved ones, take care of your health, accumulate resources and develop yourself. Pay attention to yourself and your condition, try to build your future based on your own talent and ability to work. Do not expect anything from the authorities, they give less than they promise, but use what is available to you.

Any government has a vulnerability: to limit the will of the population requires significant resources, which are taken from the same population. We are being oppressed. To deprive the authorities of resources for suppression and reorient them for development and prosperity, this is the essence of the evolutionary transformation of human society, called revolution by marxists.


Transformation is a word known to everyone and I like it more.

I have almost completed my monologue, but I will go back a little. “Permanent moment” sounds like an oxymoron. A revolutionary moment stretched out into an indefinite constant development. In this I see a series of crises through which I go through with the whole society of people all my life. And the word transformation is just applicable to this process. Approaching a qualitative transition should be expressed in the frequency and increase in the scale of global crises, which we are witnessing now. We have already ceased to notice how we are moving from one crisis to another. Right now, in addition to the military-political crisis, we are already witnessing a new economic crisis. How do you live? Comfortable? Is there optimism for the future?

Take a chance

I’m sure you’re as concerned as I am. And faith in ideals does not save me.

I hope that intelligence, rationalization, common sense will help me. A healthy individualism, rather than a narcissistic unconscious collectivism in taking the side of the “mad winner” will be a good guide for me in the coming decades. And I really want to get into this life.

In the US, there are people I like — these are Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson. Both express bewilderment and publicly draw people’s attention to the absurdity of what is happening in a “managed democratic majority” society. Both are already being called future potential presidents of the country. Why don’t they takes part in elections now?

They are waiting for the existing political machine to finally fall into disrepair, so as not to associate themselves with the outgoing era of degradation and marginalization of society. After all, there will be a new and very positive stage in the development of society ahead, where reputation will again become an important value.

P.s. I wrote this article in a couple of hours without checking the sources of information, so forgive me for the lack of links to terms and definitions.